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    Welcome to visit Zhangjiagang Yunwu Industry Co.,Ltd.
    About us

    About us

    Zhangjiagang Yunwu Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the east of Zhangjiagang City, a boom port&industrial city near Yangtze River and to the east of Shanghai. It is a leading enterprise of solid technical strength in Jiangsu Province, specializing in manufacturing, developing and marketing all kinds of perfume bottles, sprayers and caps in sets. It has its own mould workshops, so can make moulds and relevant products to meet our customers' requirements. Also, it has more than 100 professional technicians and around 1800 workers. Our products sell well both at home and abroad and our customers are all satisfied with our products and service. 
    The company consists of Yunwu Plastic Plant, Yunwu Glass Plant and Huaxing Glass Plant which has started production since February, 2007. 
    Yunwu Plastic Plant which is founded in 1986 has introduced over 200 advanced plastic jetting一molding machines which can produce 250 million different sizes of crimp pumps, plastic screw pumps, and accordant plastic caps and aluminum caps annually. 
    Yunwu Glass Plant possesses advanced international tank furnace, eight automatic production lines, and three self-feeding semi-automatic production lines. It can produce 120 million bottles of high transparence annually. All the technological processes, from mould making, coloring, multi-color printing, grinding to polishing are all completed on the process line. 
    Looking ahead, our company will persist in the tenet of efficiency, innovation, aggressiveness and professionalism consistently to guarantee the good quality and service. 

    Look forward to cooperating with you for common development and grand prospect.

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